In September of 2008 I retired and moved to Meridian.

The following month would have been my regular time to have my eyes checked.  My husband is a walking testimonial to Meridian Family Eyecare and Dr. Thieme.

I was frustrated with my doctor in Las Vegas, I was wearing two different pair of glasses; one for computer and short distance, and one for driving and other long distances, when I wanted to read I took them off.  My first visit I was welcomed by a friendly staff and a very clean environment.

Dr. Thieme did the most extensive exam I had ever had and since 2008 I am in one pair of glasses seeing better than ever.  I’m somewhat new to glasses (about 10 years) and for the first time I feel comfortable in my glasses and put them on in the morning and then off at night when I go to bed.  My husband Don has been wearing glasses since he was 17 and he too is so pleased with our yearly trip to Meridian Family Eyecare.

We also have an Aunt Shirley that loves Dr. Thieme.   I was telling her how I love my glasses and she asked where I got them and we realized that we had the same doctor.  She has diabetes and said how happy she is and the care she gets from Dr. Thieme and his staff.

Thank you for your dedication.


Don and Billie P

Dear Dr. Thieme,

I’ve been to many optometrists all over the country and none of them have been able to fit me with glasses or contacts that felt perfect.

You took the time to get it right. You and your staff listened to what I wanted and took the extra effort to help me see the way I envisioned I could. It is great to see clearly again after years of frustration.

You and your staff  represent excellence in eye care service. I greatly appreciate gentle caring way each member of your staff works with my family.

Thank you for taking care of me,

Mary Frances B

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